Reopening Frequently Asked Questions (updated regularly)

Please feel free to ask questions within this forum or privately. We will be posting answers to the most common ones here as we receive them.

Q - When do we expect the season to end?
A - Based on the current schedule, it is contemplated that the season will end in mid-August.

Q - Do we expect to play games in Phase II?
A - While we cannot be sure what the Governor’s Phase II Guidelines will allow, it is our hope and intention to play games in Phase II if permitted under the guidelines.

Q - Will the rules be modified so there is no contact?
A - If the Governor’s Phase II Guidance continues to require no contact, then we will have to modify game play accordingly.

Q - Will there be playoffs?
A - A decision regarding whether we will be in a position to have playoffs can only be made by the Board when we know how many children intend to play this year but it is the Board’s desire to have as close to “normal” a season as possible.

Q - Will there still be travel tournaments?
A - Certain tournaments that were previously scheduled for the spring have been rescheduled for the summer months. Those tournament teams that have a sufficient number of players that are willing and able to play may attend any previously scheduled (or rescheduled) tournament.

Q - Will the league be playing fall ball this year?
A - No determination has been made by the Board with respect to fall ball for 2020 as of yet. It will depend in large part on factors that are unknown at the moment or not within the Board’s control, such as the Phase II Reopening Plan of the Governor. It is possible that the currently contemplated season starting in June will run into the fall and the league will not have a separate fall ball season.

Q - Are we adjusting age eligibility dates commensurate with the season starting later?
A - Typically, a player would remain in the same age group from spring through the end of August and would only move up in the fall. That will continue to be the case this year.