Questions for Commissioners for Spring 2020 Season

How many games would you like to see per week for your Division?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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For your Division do you prefer to play evenings only or evenings plus Saturdays?

  • Saturdays + Weeknights
  • Weeknights only

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What is your preference for days played for your Division?

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays
  • Mondays & Fridays
  • Other combination of evenings (please post)

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For your Division what is your Saturday start time preference?

  • 8:00am
  • 9:00am
  • 10:00am
  • 11:00am
  • 12:00pm
  • 1:00pm
  • 2:00pm

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For your Division what is your evening start time preference?

  • 5:00pm
  • 5:30pm
  • 6:00pm
  • 6:30pm
  • Other (please post)

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For the NL East, I would prefer games be held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday due to some kids playing for their middle schools. Red Clay schools play on mainly Monday and Wednesdays so there would be conflicts.

For the NL West, they should play their games on Mondays, Wednesdays , and Saturdays.

In the past there have been 4 teams in the East and 6 in the West, but it all depends on numbers.

Also, we need to keep in mind pitching restrictions and the safety of players. We do our best to educate coaches before the season in terms of arm care.

Speaking of pitch counts the system is capable of recording and producing pitch count reports. Within each of the Team Pages the Managers & Coaches can easily enter the info after games. Any interest?

Team Personnel Pitch Count Report

Team Personnel have the ability to view the Little League Pitch Count Report from their Team Page. The report can be run for their team or any other team within the same Division.

In order to access this, navigate to the Team Page and click the Calendar tab. From the Calendar tab, you will see a button for Pitch Count. Click the button to go to the report.

On the report page, you can view and export the report. The report will contain the League Age of players, recorded Pitch Counts, and the date of the Next Eligible Day the player will be available to pitch based on required recovery days.

*Recovery Days are the required number of calendar days of rest since the Date of Event based on League Age and Pitch Count. For more information, click here.


Little League Pitch Count Report

The Little League Pitch Count Report will pull basic player/game information so Administrators and Team Staff can see the pitch counts of recent games.

This report is specific to Little League because it caters to their specific league age criteria; it also automatically accounts for the different age determination dates between those born before and after 2006. If you are looking to pull pitch count information into a report, it will still be helpful to you. Please note the league age may be different from your criteria though.

First, make sure you have entered pitch counts when scoring games. For more info on how to do this, visit the Player Statistics guide.

Once the pitch count has been updated, go to Reports>> Little League Baseball/Softball Pitch Count Report>>View

From there you will have the option to choose the program, or select View All.



For all Baseball programs, the league age will be calculated by an August 31st cut off, which is specified by Little League.

For all Softball programs, the league age will be calculated by a Dec 31s cut off, which is specified by Little League.

Next Eligible Day is calculated based on the Little League Softball rule stating a player is prevented from pitching if they pitched seven or more innings in a single day. If total Innings Pitched for a single date is less than or equal to six, the player is eligible to pitch the next day (Day pitched plus 1). If total Innings Pitched for a single date is greater than or equal to seven, the player is eligible to pitch two days later (Day pitched plus 2)

Once viewed, you can export the report to Excel or CSV.

I do not really have a preference for the day of the week for games played other than no Fridays if possible.