Question(s) around Practice Scheduling – Couple Options

The system now supports the ability for Managers / Coaches to schedule their own practice schedules via their Team Page as the system presents only available fields for a particular timeslot. So keeping in mind that With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility I would like your preference on how to handle practice schedules for this upcoming season.

Practice Options:

  • I prefer set pre-assigned practice schedules issued to each team before the season but it’s OK after that for the Managers to add practices as the season progresses.
  • I prefer NOT to have pre-assigned practice schedules and make it the Manager’s responsibility to create his own schedule prior to the season start and then manage it as the season progresses. Commissioners will need to informally approve each practice schedule verifying they selected the appropriate fields.

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I am leaning towards the second option because it gives greatest flexibility to the Managers. My experience with Fall Ball last year was that with the pre-assigned schedules most coaches asked me to either cancel or change many of them as the season progressed anyway. Here we simply cut out the middle man (me).

Once we have consensus I will post an instructions/ cheat sheet in the public Coaches Forum