Piedmont Baseball and Softball Parent Code of Conduct

Piedmont Baseball and Softball Parent Code of Conduct

Operating Policy/Procedure –Parent Code of Conduct

Piedmont Baseball and Softball League seeks to instill positive character-building traits in our communities’ youth through the demonstration of good sportsmanship, respect for others, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship. We ask that parents and their guests attending Piedmont sponsored events help us by reflecting these character traits at games and abide by the policy as set forth below.


A. All parents and spectators will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner while participating in any league activity, on or off the Piedmont baseball and softball fields. This includes but is not limited to games played at Piedmont as well as games played at other facilities for those that participate in tournament team competition.


League Cooperation –Parents will cooperate with league officials, and follow all league rules, regulations and policies while on the Piedmont fields.

League Support –Parents will be supportive of, and participate in all league activities, games, tournaments, and charity events. This includes patronizing our snack bar.

Team Cooperation –Parents will cooperate with team managers and coaches, be supportive of their decisions and follow team rules as set by the managers. Managers are encouraged to provide the team rules, in writing, at the beginning of the season to all team parents.

Attendance –Parents will see that their son or daughter arrives at games and practices properly

dressed and equipped, ready to play, at the time and place specified by the team manager. Parents will ensure that their son or daughter is picked up promptly at the time specified by the manager. Parents will call the manager or coach as soon as possible if their son or daughter will be unable to attend a game or practice or other team function due to an illness or other reason.

Encouragement –Parents will encourage their child to do his/her best at all times, and practice good

sportsmanship. All parents, fans, and spectators are asked to support their team and are encouraged to cheer for all players.

Housekeeping –Parents will assist in keeping Piedmont fields clean by picking up and disposing of all litter around their team’s dugout and stands after each game.

Child Supervision –Parents will be responsible for the activities and conduct of their children (players and non-players) while they are at the fields.

Drug & Alcohol Use - The use of alcohol or illegal drugs is STRICTLY prohibited at the fields and surrounding areas during games (including, but not limited to, the parking lots).

Tobacco & Cigarettes - The use of tobacco products or smoking of cigarettes by players or adult leaders in the dugout, on the benches or on the playing field shall not be permitted.

Jeering - Jeering, chanting, or noise-making in an effort to distract the pitcher, batter, or other players from the other team which is deemed excessive by the umpire shall not be permitted. Violators will be warned and then subject to ejection from the fields.

Dugouts - Parents are not allowed in the dugouts during game time unless they are designated as the assistant coach.


The following disciplinary action, sanctions and penalties may be applied to any person(s) found to be in violation of this policy:


Persons may be ejected from a game or the fields by either an Umpire who is officiating a game or by a current Board Member.

Persons ejected from a game or the fields must leave immediately without further incident. Persons not doing so will be subject to additional disciplinary action by the Board of Directors, and will be considered as trespassing and subject to removal and possible arrest by the New Castle County Police.

Any person ejected from a game or from the fields for the first time in any season will automatically be suspended from participating in their team’s next scheduled game.

Further Disciplinary Action

The Board of Directors will determine if any further disciplinary action should be taken against

any parent breaking the code of conduct in any manner and notify the person.

The Board of Directors may impose any of the following penalties, depending on the severity of the offense:

PROBATION –The offending person will be advised, in writing, of the offense and imposed a period of time whereby a subsequent offense will result in immediate

escalation of penalty.

SUSPENSION –The offending person will be advised, in writing, of the offense and

imposed a specific number of games or period of time whereby the person is not allowed to participate in any Piedmont activities.

DISMISSAL –The offending person will be advised, in writing, that he or she has been dismissed from the League for the remainder of the current season.

BARRED - The offending person is to be advised in writing that he or she has been

barred from present and future participation in the league, permanently, or for a specific number of years.