League Update - 6/8/2020

Dear Piedmont Families & Friends,

Since we last communicated with you, the Board has received considerable feedback from our Piedmont families and the Governor has announced guidelines for the State’s Phase II Reopening, which is scheduled to begin on June 15th. Based on that input, the Board has made the following determinations:

1. BAMBINO, T-BALL, and 6U SOFTBALL will NOT be played this summer.

Based on the requirements set forth by the Governor in both the Phase I and II Reopening Guidelines, the Board believes that it will be very difficult for any coach to maintain the required social distancing requirements with those age groups. For their safety, we have suspended their season at this time. This decision was based upon our understanding of what other leagues have done and listening to comments made by parents to our survey. We are hopeful that by the Fall social distancing requirements may be less restrictive so as to allow those younger players to have a Fall season.


As noted in our previous correspondence, the league is offering three options to families that have decided not to play ball this summer. Those options include (i) rolling over league registration fees until 2021, (ii) a refund of partial registration fees, or (iii) a charitable donation to the league of registration fees. Based upon our further review of league finances, we are able to offer the following:

A. Rollover of 100% of Registration Fees to 2021
The league is offering any family that does not wish to play in 2020 the option of rolling over 100% of their registration fees to 2021. The only fees that will be deducted are the capital assessment fee ($50 and/or $30 per child) and the volunteer fee ($50 per family). If you have already met the hourly requirements to earn back your volunteer fee, then those funds will be (or have already been) given back to you. If you have not met the requirements to earn back your volunteer fee, there will be additional opportunities to do so throughout the summer and fall.

All age levels are eligible to rollover registration fees for next year. This includes Bambino, T-ball and 6U Softball. If you choose to rollover your registration fees and, for whatever reason, your child does not play ball in 2021, no refund will be given at that time.