Exciting Technology Update – Need your help!

In addition to the previously mentioned fiber optic infrastructure buildout & Wi-Fi expansion over to the Valley Road fields I am happy to report that today we received donations making it possible to add Live Stream field cameras to BOTH Swift 1 & Doyle. Since we will be bringing in a contractor with a lift to install everything next month it would make sense to add any additional field cameras at the same time. Each incremental camera we add costs ~$1,300. Remaining fields to be outfitted include S3 (T-Ball / Buddy Ball) & P1 & P2 (Softball).

If you would like to make a donation towards the three remaining cameras PLEAESE either write us a check directly or signup for monthly donations ranging from $1 to $25 per month via our Technology Supporters Patreon Site (if you visit the site we offer awesome perks like free food at the snack bar for donating).

If there is enough interest / donations to cover at least one camera as a result of this post I will add a voting option to select the field of choice for those that donate.

Many thanks to everyone in advance for your support!


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