Coaches Corner / Player Drills

To Coaches and Parents:

We all seem to be in a completely different place right now – these are certainly unprecedented times. Hopefully, everyone is safe and this will pass and we can get back to some semblance of normalcy and play baseball and softball soon.

Piedmont is ready once the restrictions are lifted – uniforms and balls have arrived, sponsors signs are going up, and the fields have been leveled for play.
In the meantime, with the fields closed we have researched a series of drills that coaches can share, and that players can work on with Mom or Dad or sisters and brothers. There are a variety of resources available out there on the internet – YouTube has a great selection of training videos – simple drills that can provide a good backyard activity and help improve or sharpen skills.
Our hope is to be playing ball shortly – we’ll wait to hear what updates the Governor and the School Districts have for us and we will update this page weekly. In the meantime, stay safe and practice these skills.

Welcome to our new series of instructional videos. We welcome everyone to watch these and then post any questions you may have here…. We will be adding new ones every few days. - enjoy.

Fielding -Drills for how to field the ball

Ron Washington fielding drill -

Hitting: Drills to help improve your hitting

How to hit a baseball - Beginners -

Pitching and throwing : Want to throw the ball better or learn how to pitch

Develop a perfect throwing motion -

Throw like a pro

Pitching towel drill -

Basic Pitching for youth -

Youth pitching drills -

Outfield - The last line of defense - How to play and catch a fly ball exercises

Outfield drills for youth -

Outfield drills -

Catching fly balls -