Baseball Tournament Team Handbook

Here you will find the Piedmont Tournament Team handbook for community reference. This document is the guide for the Piedmont Tournament Team processes for all to review when considering participation as a player, manager, volunteer, family etc. This is a self-funded option for families looking for additional recreational baseball and an opportunity to play against competition both at home and away venues. The end goal being participation in the Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament and experience their world class facilities for our 12u program. This tournament program can only be successful with the support of the community and this Piedmont handbook is a guide for:

  1. Tournament Team Objectives
  2. Tournament Team Manager Selection Process
  3. Tournament Player Selection
  4. Tournament Player/Family Commitments - time, talent, and cost
  5. Tournament Team and Family Expectations
    Our goal is a transparent process where any eligible player/family will have an equal opportunity to participate in open coach nominations, player evaluation processes, performance reviews and the continued baseball education of our kids.