221 Volunteers so far for Spring 2020!

Be Careful what you wish for” – We asked for volunteers (actually incentivized people to volunteer) and we certainly have plenty of people signed up as a result.

Take a look at the below summary broken out by Baseball / Softball, Division, and Volunteer type. The actual volunteer details including contact information can be downloaded here.

We actually have over 320 positions volunterred for but many people volunterred for multiple roles.

Just as with assigning players the Commissioners will need to allocate Managers & Coaches for each team from a dropdown list populated from the volunteer pool. Very simple to do as I will demonstrate hands on during our meetings later this month and as documented here. We just need to decide who is going to assign Team Parents to each team within the system. It would be great if the Commissioners could also do this but if that’s a problem just let me know. I suppose Debbie will take care of the Snack Bar volunteers and with the spreadsheet detail we also have the names of people to check off for work days.

I will update the spreadsheet link from time to time as we get closer to the end of registration.