2020 Registration is OPEN!

Happy New Year!

Registration for Piedmont Baseball & Softball 2020 Spring Programs is now open. Please see these Key Baseball Dates which includes registration close dates per program. Any changes will be emailed to the entire league.

Registration & Website Changes for 2020

Blue Sombrero was purchased by Sports Connect- Credit card payments only and they are charging each account $3 service fee, so I would register all your children at once to avoid paying $3 per transaction.

Online Birth Certificate Upload & Verification – Before being able to register for any programs the system now requires you to upload an image of a birth certificate for all players currently associated with your account. If a player on your account is no longer participating please upload an image stating “no longer participating” for him / her. All birth certificates will be verified so make sure birthdate in system and birth certificate date match. The concussion form must also be completed & uploaded and is also included in the registration process.

Mandatory Volunteer fee (yearly) - Each family will be charged $50.00 during registration. People are not volunteering and four people cannot do all the work to keep Piedmont running smoothly. Therefore, we need people to volunteer or we will have to hire vendors. The fee will be reimbursed if you volunteer for one of the following roles during registration:

  • Manager (approval required) - Managers are in charge of the team.
  • Coach (approval required) - Coach(s) will assist that Manager throughout the season.
  • Concession Stand Opener – Required to open the concession stand twice during the season.
  • Work Day Volunteer - information and dates will be emailed to the entire league.

Concession Stand - Each team will be assigned a time slot to run the concession stand during the season (some teams may have to do it twice). Times will be assigned when your sons/daughters are not playing. Managers will be given this information before opening day. This is mandatory and does not count for reimbursement of Volunteer fee.

Expanded Online Team Management, Scheduling, & Communication – Going forward we will be utilizing the built-in website functions as much as possible for both our Baseball & Softball programs. All game & practice schedules will be posted in real time (including automated updates) via the Master Baseball & Softball Calendar & all teams will now have a home under Team Central.

Tournament Team Player Registration – Simply for website administrative purposes we need anyone who is a member of an existing 2020 Tournament Team to additionally register for either the “ 2020 Baseball Tournament Teams ” or “ 2020 Softball Tournament Teams ” program (no cost & just a couple of clicks). This will give our Tournament Team players & Managers access to all of the features mentioned above.

Community Feedback Site – As a medium to facilitate 2-way communication between everyone in the Piedmont family we have established this new feedback & help website. If you have any difficulty with registration please feel free to create a post under the Registration Q & A category and someone will get back to you ASAP with an answer. Also feel free to use the site throughout the year to ask any questions or leave feedback.

Piedmont Open House- January 18, 2020 (11am-2pm)- Upstairs Hockessin Fire Hall. Stop by and ask any questions about the season and online registration will be available.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Piedmont in 2020!!!

National League Players only: ( ages 10-12)

All players must be registered by February 1, 2020 to be considered for the evaluations and draft. Please prepare your son that not all players will be drafted. Those players that are not drafted will play in the American League.

2020 Registration Fees

L eague Fee

Buddy Ball (4-19YO) - $0

Bambino (Modified T-ball 4YO) $55

T-Ball (5 and 6 YO) $90

Farm League (7 – 8 YO) $125

American League (9-10 YO) $150

National League (10-12 YO) $150

Senior League (13-15 YO) $170

Big League (16-18 YO) $180

6U Softball (5-6 YO) $90

8U Softball (7-8 YO) $115

10U Softball (9-10 YO) $140
12U Softball (11-12 YO) $140
14U Softball ( 13-14 YO) $140
18U Softball (15-18 YO) $140
$50 Per baseball player Capital Assessment fee
$30 Per Softball player Capital Assessment fee

I could not find where to register for the Tournament Team on the website.

During registration when you see the page with availabe porgrams click on the More button.

Then you should see the Tournament Teams displayed in the expanded box.


Sorry to be difficult, but I cannot see that More button. I already completed her registration for regular softball. What should I do at this point? Thanks!

I figured it out! Not sure why but in your case you had to hit the “load divisions” button for it to move on.

I was able to complete the Softball Tournament Team registration for you since it was $0.

I also don’t see a ‘more’ link’ for tournament team.

See the last two pictures in the previous post above. Look for the “Load Divisions” box on the screen where it lists the available divisions. If you are still having trouble please give me the details and I will try to complete it for you on the back-end as I did for Moranda.


Yeah, sorry Dom. I’ve looked and reloaded and forward and back and two different browsers…

Think I successfully registered Ellie (Eleanor G Newton) for Spring 14U. She is also on the 2020 14U travel team coached by Jim Hoban which I never saw those links. Sorry.



Michael J Newton

Events Technician II

U of DE Conference Services

Clayton Hall

office: 302.831.4986

mobile: 302.218.7653


All taken care of! Just in case anyone else has similar difficulty I pasted in all of the steps / screenshots below.